Union Oiltechs history

Union Oiltech – supplier of industry filtration solutions

The company named Union Oiltech A/S was founded in year 2000, but it has roots reaching further back – in fact back to 1919. Back then it was a machine manufacturing company in Bjerringbro named FF Mælk (Milk). At the beginning FF Mælk manufactured milking machines for many years, but in the 80s competition grew fierce. In order to keep up with new demands FF Mælk chose to make a product line extension, and also cover compressors and purification / filtration systems.

In 1996 FF Mælk was aquired by Fredericia company Union Engineering, owned by NTR Holding. In the Bjerringbro department production of filtration systems continued , but in year 2000 the department was closed and all assets transferred to Union Engineering in Fredericia. In this regard, it was decided to establish the company Union Oiltech A / S, and seperate production and sale of filtration systems from Union Engineering.

In year 2002 engineer Sofus Grum-Schwensen aquired the company and moved it to Thurø. However, after only a short while Union Oiltech had to move again due to lack of space.

In year 2003 Union Oiltech moved once again – this time to the company’s previous address in Svendborg Business Park.

In May 2007, the sales manager Teddy Pedersen aquired Union Oiltech and has since expanded business successfully.

In May 2012 Union Oiltech moves to the current address on Håndværkervænget and successfully continues to expand in new directions and establish new cooperations.