Oil and lubricating coolants

NiCool oil and lubricating coolants

When choosing lubricating coolants abilities to cool and lubricate are of cause the most important capabilities.

However, process fluids should be able to do more than just that in order to perform at its best and last as long as possible.

Oil produts

These capabilities include:

  • Clear machine surfaces of metal shavings
  • Lubricate moving machine parts
  • Prevent re-welding of metal shavings on the product or tool
  • Control dust and transport heat away from the work area
  • Protect products by applying an anti-rust film
  • Reduce the amount of residue on machine parts or products (keep the machine and products clean)
  • Minimize temperature changes on the cutting location
  • Minimize shock effect on cutting tools
  • Reduce splashes and mist
  • Be gentle to the skin and offer the operator some protection (in order to minimize the risk of allergies)
  • Separate leak oils effectively

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