High pressure systems

Optimize the cooling system of your tooling machines

The J-series are equipped with a sophisticated filtration process control system developed specifically for high pressure systems.
The coolant is purified when flowing through several cartridge filters and then released in the machine with a high pressure pump.
This cleaner is equipped with a filter clogging alarm as well as a solenoid valve for manual or automatic replacement of filters. During this operation the filtration process is never interrupted.

Available with pressure till 70 BAR and are able to filter the coolant down to 5 micron, especially useful when precision is essential.
By heavy processing or by large amounts of solid polluting elements the filtration process should typically include a textile pre-filtering stage.
Qualified for all tooling machines using high pressure coolants (spindle’s internal feeding).

Advantages when investing in J series products:

  • Optimization of cooling systems = reduction of maintenance and down time
  • Increase process speed and productivity
  • By filtering the coolant the spindle line clogs up less
  • Increased life span of machines = less production costs
  • Better processing tolerance = Higher quality of the finished product.

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