HEPA/ULPA sterile air filters

Manufactured in a sterile environment

HEPA/ULPA filters are used when sterile air is required. Meaning the air has to be completely free of particles

Within the pharmaceutical, electronics and process industries are a large number of areas where full control of all organic and inorganic particles is required.

Hepa/Ulpa filters

Specificities of HEPA/ULPA filtre

HEPA / ULPA filters are the strongest and most sterile filters on offer. HEPA filters are manufactured in sterile rooms, and subsequently sealed. Each HEPA filter is individually tested according to DS / EN 1822 standard.
HEPA filters are available with either thermoplastic separators or with stainless steel separators.

We guarantee a significantly longer life span on our air filters compared to copy models, as Union Oiltech only supply air filters of high German quality.

There is a big difference between discount – and quality air filters. You will save money in the end by using quality filters as they bind more particles before the pressure loss kicks in = reducing energy usage.

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