Filtration unit

Prolong the life span of your machines

A filtration unit from Union Oiltech provides production with efficiency and environmentally sound management of harmful substances.

Union Oiltech has been working with filtration units since the 80s and continouosly devolping the product.

Our filtration units complies with the efficiency demands that businesses of today sets and are supplied at competitive prices.

Filtration units are made from stainles steel containing only high quality parts securing a long life span. Units are available in 3 sizes: Unifil 500, Unifil 700 and Unifil 1000 depending on capacity needs.

Watch the running filtration unit video here.

Furthermore we supply filtration bags, magnetic filters and filtration cloth.


Filtration unit advantages

  • Extended machine durability
  • Longer periods between production stops = money saved!
  • Care for the environment and hygiene = reduction in green taxes

How it works

  • Through the inlet liquid is distributed over the filtration cloth.
  • Pressure forces liquids through the filter cloth, while particles are being retained.
  • As the cloth gets soiled, liquid level rises in the filtration unit. When it is sufficiently high, the system is activated and automatically push the filter cloth forward. This means that you only use the amount of cloth you need when you need it.

Areas of use:

The belt filter in the unit provides an efficient method of removing undesirable particles in process liquids in many industries. Examples of use:

  • Lubricating coolants
  • Chemical process fluids
  • Paint spraying booths
  • Fishing ponds
  • Carwashes
  • Pretreatment plants
  • Synthetic material industry

Contact Union Oiltech

Union Oiltech always make sure to give thorough advice on filtration units. Just as we value a sound knowledge of the business and industry we always ensure that the filtration unit fully meets the company’s needs.

We are always ready to discuss your company’s needs and which solutions might be right for you.

If you wish to enquire about a customized solution call us on: 0045 7620 8010 or use the contact form.