Filtration pads

Filtration pads are available in all sizes

Clean air = healthy working environment!

Filtration pads are used for filtering polluted air and sound insulation.

Competencies in air filtration – change filters and reduce your electricity bill

In suction plants, ventilation and air conditioning installations it is essential to your operating costs whether you are using the right type of filter and whether it is changed in due time.

As soon as the filter in an installation has been packed with dust it will start using more energy to perform to the required level, as it takes more effort to suck the air through the filter.

That is why it is essential to renew air filters in due time in order to minimize energy usage. New air filters very quickly pay back by reducing energy costs. Also you care for the environment by reducing energy usage.

Air filtration/ventilation

There is a big difference between discount – and quality air filters.

You will save money in the end by using quality filters as they bind more particles before the pressure loss kicks in = reducing energy usage.

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