Filtration cloth

Optimized filtration with filter cloth

Union Oiltech stocks an extensive selection of filtration cloth for removing undesirable particles from liquids. Our high quality cloth can be used in many industries and secures optimized production and efficient filtration. Filtration cloth is available in customized sizes matching particular needs and quick delivery.

We also supply filtration units and magnetic filters.

Filtration paper and filtration cloth on a reel

Filtration cloth areas of use

A filter cloth is made from needle-filtered geotextiles and can be used in a wide variaty of industries and manufacturing where filtration, drainage or sifting is applicable.

Filtration cloth can be made from many different materials from ordinary steel to artificial materials and can be used for many different purposes. In addition to industrial filtration, cloth is also used eg. in brick laying, tilling, gardening and architecture as an underlay.

Order filtration cloth with quick delivery

Union Oiltech has many years of experience and always focuses on an individual and competent advice. With a full range of filtration equipment, we can design a solution that fits your business needs for filtration.

We are a company that wants to stay ahead, and that is why we are working with leading suppliers of filtration equipment. This enables us to easily undertake new challenging and tasks. If you can’t find, what you need, on this page, do not hesitate to contact us with inquires about customized products.

We also offer our customers a “buffer stock”, so you always have the option of quick delivery and optimized production..

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