Emulsion mixer

The right mix takes you far

UniMix provides a continuously correct and uniform blend of eg. lubricating coolants.
UniMix saves you money, is easily installed and put to work. It connects to the water supply and the pressure will set it off, when you need to re-fill your maschines.

Product specifications:


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Product overview

UniMix emulsion mixer

A couple of good reasens to invest in a UniMix emulsion mixer:

  • Save up to 30 % on lubricating coolants.
  • You will save time compared to manually mixing.
  • Easy to install and simpel to use.
  • Reliable and durable – long life span.
  • Continuous adjustment of dosage.
  • Drop-shaped dosing hole (accurate dosing in a low area).
  • Threaded adapter that fits all standard drums.
  • Unique dosage system that prevents clogging.
  • Available in aluminum, brass and stainless steel, depending on the additive used.
  • Secured with 2 ball valves (for water entry and suction pipe).
  • Mixes 900/2.000 liters pr. hour.
  • Mixing ratio from 0% to app. 16 %.